hello my little pumpkins!

i noticed i’ve been gaining quite a few followers already! welcome!! I just wanted to stop by and say that, i’m barely feeling spring yet. our snow just melted and our trees are just starting to bloom with leaves. i plan on coming back to this blog and being really active again like i was last year. but i probably won’t be back in full swing til around june.

please don’t let that hinder your activity with my blog! feel free to reblog or build up your queue with things from my page. i still have a huge list of autumn movies available to get you in the mood! if any of the links on that list don’t work, feel free to message me and i’ll fix it as soon as i can.

if you’re an autumn blog and would like a follow back, reblog this or send me an ask asking me to follow you and i gladly will! i’ll probably sign on from time to time to chat and reblog a few things when i get the chance, so message me and lets be friends! :)